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barkis's Journal

Michael Harren
7 June 1969
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4ad, 80's pop/new wave, anti-consumerism, antony and the johnsons, apostrophe's, augusten burroughs, bartok, belly, ben folds, ben watt, bill w, björk, buddhism, buffy sainte-marie, central station, charles bukowski, children, cocteau twins, composing music, cooking, cornelius, creative commons, crock pot, cycling, david rovics, david sedaris, david sylvian, dead can dance, democracy now!, dogme 95, domination, drinking_hot_beverages_out_of_really_big_cups, eel girl, eve beglarian, experimental performance art, farting, fitness, flairs, fluxus, fun boy three, getting suspended for your interests, god, grace jones, harmony korine, houston, hugo largo, i heart madsquirrel, ipod, j. s. bach, jane siberry, jerri blank, jesus, jim halpert, john cage, john waters, julien donkey-boy, karen finley, kate bush, kidney stones, kimya dawson, koinonia partners, kraftwerk, kristen hersh, lamb, lars von trier, laurie anderson, lisa germano, lounge music, magnetic fields, magnolia, marianne faithfull, mary hartman mary hartman, meditation, mikeypod, montessori, motif 8, motown, muppets, my cats, napoleon dynamite, new york city, nina simone, openmindedness, paul hindemith, peace, pema chodron, peter gabriel, peter murphy, piano, pixies, pj harvey, politics, prince, procrastinating, rachel rosenthal, radiohead, red house painters, risotto, robbie williams, running, ryuichi sakamoto, shambhala, sigur rós, south park, speling, starhawk, stereolab, strangers with candy, sushi, synthesizers, synths, talk talk, the art of noise, the artist's way, the blue nile, the magnetic fields, the office, the pixies, the simpsons, the smiths, the the, this mortal coil, throwing muses, todd solondz, veganism, videography, weight training, weightlifting, woody allen, working out, wrestling, writting, yoko ono